Curious Jasper

#dogs #sailing How many ways can you entertain your dog while cruising? Jasper came spear fishing with us and used his skills to search for lobster.

The lookie bucket has a bottom made of plexiglass and gives us a great view of the sea bottom. Some of us don’t like to get in the water unless there is something interesting to look at.

The bucket is an essential tool on all cruising boats and is easy to make. Well, I think it was easy because my husband made it. We use it to check our anchor if neither of us wants to swim on it. A good night’s sleep depends on the set of the anchor!

Jasper thinks he’s being a big help, although we’re not sure what he’s actually contributing here except to make us laugh.

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4 thoughts on “Curious Jasper

  1. What a great picture. We don’t have a lookie bucket, but sometimes I drive the Captain around with his goggles on and his head hanging over the side of the dinghy. That would be an interesting picture as well.


    1. Thanks. We do the drive around with goggles technique too, but only if I don’t mind getting my hair wet. The lookie bucket is the dry method, and let’s face it, sometimes I just don’t want to get wet. Love to see a picture of your adventures searching the bottom.


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