Finish Your Novel with Fictionary

Hello all,

Most of you know I’m the CEO of Fictionary as well as a fiction writer. I created Fictionary to help writers turn a first draft into a great story. Fictionary focuses on the story, not just the words.

I created Fictionary because I couldn’t find a software tool that did what I wanted.

This is just to let you know there are just 2 days left to try Fictionary at a special launch price!

With the many improvements made since launching, Fictionary’s price is changing to $20/month on January 8th, 2018.

Start your free trial by January 7th, 2018, and you’ll have access to Fictionary at $10/month for the duration of your subscription.

What’s New?

Fictionary is now easier to use with three great improvements that are now live!


Importing your manuscript is easier with a new step-by-step guide.


With In-App editing, you can now add and delete chapters and scenes.


To keep track of your story, do you create a spreadsheet just

like J.K. Rowling did?

We’ve automated this for you with the Fictionary Story Map.

As you evaluate each scene, your Story Map is created. You can view your entire novel or select only the elements you’re working on.

Finally, I’m very excited about a big contest announcement I’ll be making soon.

We have some valuable prizes lined up. Stay tuned!

Start your free trial and Finish your novel with Fictionary 🙂


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