Guest Posts: Are they valuable?

Guest blogging can be a great way to expand your online network, meet new friends, and share your work with others, but it’s hard work if you want to do it right. I believe anyone who offers me a spot on their blog deserves my full attention, meaning they get a unique blog, my comments during the day to interact with their readers, and shares on my social network, both for my guest post and for other guest posts they host.

Below is an awesome group of sites where I’ll be guest blogging. I’d like to grow this list and am looking for people to  host me on their blog.

If you’re interested, please contact me via my contact information page. I’d love to hear from you and be part of your network.

What I offer:

  • A unique blog for every site that I am a guest on
  • My best effort at driving traffic to the blog via my social network
  • Interaction with the readers of the blogs I guest post on

What I hope to get:

  • New readers
  • Exposure for my work
  • New connections with others online
  • Writing about a topic I love

Here is my current guest blogging schedule:


September 25th Interview with Awethors

October 2, Mysteristas

October 6, Donna Galanti

October 18, Debra Purdy Kong

October 20, Luke Murphy

October 22, Catherine Astolfo

October 25, Chris The Story Reading Ape – This  is BLAZE release day.

October 29, Melodie Campbell

November 2, Judith Barrow

December 18, Judy Penz Sheluk


January 19, James M. Jackson

If you haven’t read DESCENT yet, now is your chance before BLAZE comes out. Find it at:, and of course, BLAZE is available for pre-order in eBook format. Trade paperback is coming soon.

Thanks for reading…

My Two Cents Worth (Before Inflation)

Reblogged from Author of the Seamus McCree Mystery Series.


Please welcome Kristina Stanley, a Canadian author who has the screenshot to prove that her novel Descsent had the number one ranking on Amazon’s Canada list of “Hot New Releases of Women Sleuth Mysteries.” (In second place was Sue Grafton’s !) She describes herself as happy, hard-working, loyal, athletic, and an animal-lover. The five words she uses to describe her writing are adventurous, action-oriented, mystery, wilderness, and multi point of view. Here are her answers to the eight questions she chose…

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