Lagoon 308 S2 Watermaker

When we first moved onto Mattina, I knew the one item I wanted before we headed offshore was a water maker.

So, Matt got to work and installed a 12 volt Spectra “Cape Horn Extreme.” The unit is installed in the forward deck locker for easy access.


Now, we get 15 gallons per hour of clean water. No trying to find water. No carrying water.  Just turn on the tap and there it is.

We like the reliability and the efficiency.  It only draws one amp per gallon produced.

Mattina comes with a  large shower, so the extra water makes living aboard luxurious.  We don’t have to monitor every drop that comes out of the taps.  I can’t imagine life in the Bahamas without our Spectra water maker.

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Lagoon 380 Folding Props

As many of you know, Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2 is already in the water, but I thought I’d back up a bit and show off our Radiche props.

Mattina has folding propellers. The propellers fold back when not in use, as shown below, to reduce drag while we are sailing.

Folding Prop closed
Mattina Props Folded Sep 2013

And they  open when we are under power.

Folding Props
Mattina props open: Sep 2013

Every year Matt paints the props with anti fouling paint and puts on new sacrificial zincs. Looking pretty nice for something that won’t be seen.  Not that it matters, because the whole point is for Mattina to sail faster when the propellers are folded back than she would with fixed propellers.

Now I can’t wait to get out on the ocean, head for the Bahamas, and do some sailing. What are you waiting for, you ask? The end of hurricane season.

Happy Sailing and Thanks for reading . . .

Lagoon 380 Helm Seat

As we continue to get Mattina ready for the upcoming season, I’ll share the improvements we make; such as, Mattina gets a new helm seat.

Who says sailing can’t be comfortable?

After searching through my photos I found this one of Matt and Farley at the helm station (I forgot to take the before picture I’m so fond of prior to installing the new seat.)

Can you see the shape of the back rest? That’s the original back rest that came outfitted on the boat. It’s circular and a roll in the back is not exactly comfortable. You also get a glimpse of our full enclosure for those rainy days. We must have been expecting rain that day or maybe the wind was cold and we were keeping warm.

Squrrel 2009 10 21

We had a new back rest designed and made for comfort.

Mattina New Helm Seat

Now we can sit together at the helm for long periods of time and feel comfortable.

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Lagoon 380s2 Window Covering

The fall season is here and it’s time to start blogging about cruising. During the winter months, I post every Wednesday about our cruising lifestyle, so here we go. . .

The time of year is upon us where we go through our commissioning list and launch Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2. We usually spend about 8 days on the hard, working on areas that need to be done with the boat out of the water.

Then Mattina gets launched, and we proceed to part two of the commissioning process. I won’t rewrite what we did in the fall of 2012 for commissioning,  but here are the links if you are interested.

A Week on the Hard

A Week at the Dock

This year, I thought I’d write about some of the things we do that aren’t on our regular commissioning list but have to be one for us to keep Mattina in mint condition.

I love before and after photos. We decided Mattina needed new window coverings. The large windows on the cabins and showers provide ample light below decks and spectacular views. We all want to see out, but that doesn’t mean we want others seeing in. The winder covering on Mattina started to wear and so . . . new window coverings.

This might seem easy, but getting paint off windows is hard work and certainly takes time.

WIndow Before

WIndow After


But the result was worth the effort.

Now tell me the second photo doesn’t look better!

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Decommissioning a Lagoon 380 Catamaran.

Emotions are crazy and have a life of their own. I’m sad to be decommissioning my sailboat for the summer, but extremely happy to be going home to my family for a few months. Happy – Sad – Happy – Sad . . .

I just can’t have everything I want at the same time 🙂

We prepare the boat as if we are expecting a hurricane and have a two step process for Mattina. Part of the work is done in the water and part on land. Luckily we do most of it in the water and only a few hours on land. Too hot up on the hard.

In the water . . .

  • take down, clean and store main sail and genoa
  • wash all salon and cockpit cushions
  • remove all safety gear and store
  • maintain dingy engine
  • empty and clean all storage areas (what’s left of our food sits on the counter until we leave)
  • defrost and clean fridge and freezer
  • remove all batteries for anything that has batteries.
  • and on and on it goes.

THEN, Mattina gets hauled.

Mattina stripped and ready for hurricane season.
Mattina stripped and ready for hurricane season.

On the hard. I’ve listed a few items so you get the idea of what needs to be done. Our actual is list is 3 pages long.

  • maintain diesel engines
  • install dehumidifier
  • seal all hatches and put on hatch covers
  • close and plug thru-hulls
  • check deck drains clear
  • turn off fuel supply
  • disconnect batteries
  • disconnect solar panels
  • disconnect all radios and wifi
  • lock up . . .

Matt has a detailed decommissioning list that we seem to add to every season. I keep asking Matt why the list doesn’t get shorter and he just smiles and assigns another item to me.

Our dog gets the best deal. He plays on the dock and greets anyone who walks by. He also lets us know if dolphins or manatee swim by and we get to take a break and watch.

Farley waiting for someone to pet him. Anyone who walks by will do.
Farley waiting for someone to pet him. Anyone who walks by will do.

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