Farley’s Friday: Doggy Friendships

Farley here,

Living with a guide dog in training has certain benefits.

I have a cuddle partner. Kinta has lots of play time with me, and sometimes we get a little tired out. So what do we do?

We chill on Kristina’s cushions that she’s trying to dry out. It’s not our fault she left it in the rain and then put it on the floor.

F&K cushion

After getting kicked off the cushion, we snuggle on the rug.

F&K Rug

And when that got boring, we move to the dog bed where I like to chew on Kinta’s leg.

Kinta Farley


Some days are just fun.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Learning To Heel

Farley here,

Life as a guide dog trainer is exhausting. Kinta is just over a year old and has a ton of energy.

The first thing I had Kristina teach Kinta was to only play with me when I feel like it. I’m 10, you know.  When Kinta gets too rambunctious, Kristina tells her to leave it, and magically she leaves me alone.

If I’m by myself with Kinta, I get up on the middle of the bed where she can’t reach me. She’s not allowed on the bed, so it’s a great hiding place for me.

Today, I spent my morning teaching Kinta how to heel without pulling on the leash. I’m an expert 🙂 At least in my mind.


Having a new pal in the house is awesome!

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Guide Dogs At The Mall

Farley here,

I’m a volunteer! Meet Kinta. She’s a guide dog in training. Kristina brought her into our home.

“Who is the dog?” I bark. I sniff her, give her a friendly shoulder bump, and then snuggle into Kristina. Sometimes, Kristina dog sits other dogs, but I know something is up. This one came with her own bed, a BIG bag of dog food, and a box of toys.

“You’re job is to teach Kinta to be calm around other dogs, behave in stores, and relax at home.”

I wag my tail. “I can do that,” I bark.

This is me showing Kinta how to relax when Kristina is in the pet aisle at Canadian Tire. This is very important if we want Kristina to buy us a new toy.

Farley & Kinta at mall

Kinta and I walk side-by-side on a leash. She’s learning her leash manners, and I’ve taught her not to pull. I cheer her on every time she gets it right.

I’m a little jealous. But here’s the deal. I get to sleep on the couch and in the bed. Kinta doesn’t. That’s my special place where I get Kristina all to myself.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Beach Time For Dogs

Farley here.

Woof Woof. Wag Wag. It’s fall and that means the beaches on Vancouver Island start to open to dogs.

Yup, that means swimming! That means running off leash.

Farley on beach

And it means getting full of sand and shaking it off in the back of the car. Kristina loves that part. Maybe love is a stretch, but she takes me to the beach anyway.

I love fall!

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Dogs Go Hiking

Farley here,

Somehow I don’t look excited here, but I am!

Farley & Finn

I’m with my pal Finn, and we spent a week hiking all over Vancouver Island. The thing to know about the island is it’s super dog friendly.

Off leash parks, hikes, beaches, etc abound. We’re even allowed in some of the outdoor restaurants.

If you’re a dog and need a vacation, tell your peeps to take you to Vancouver Island!

Woof Woof!

Farley’s Friday: Can a dog ride a bike?

Farley here,

My lifelong gal pal loves to ride a bike. How does she do that you ask?

Well, she gets in the basket.

Piper Cycling

Did you notice the wind in her hair – like she’s a glamour queen. I asked Kristina if I could ride a bike too, and she said I was too big for the basket.

I don’t get that. I’ve done a lot of kayaking, so why not biking, too?

Farley in Kayak

Woof Woof