Lagoon 380 S2: Air Conditioning

How to keep happy on a Lagoon 380 in the heat of the south, you ask.

Air conditioning is certainly a personal choice and depends on where you plan to sail your boat. For us, we have two units on Mattina. One for the main salon and one for our cabin.

Every year, Matt checks the units to make sure they are functioning properly and does any maintenance required. Wouldn’t want to have to overheat.


No surprise to anyone, but Florida is hot and the three of us love to turn on the air. Our dog has figured out the coolest spot on the boat is close the vent. The unit is our cabin is situated perfectly to blow air across the bed. I can’t imagine being in the tropics without this luxury.

There’s nothing like a cool boat to give a person a good night sleep.

Thanks for reading . . .