Farley’s Friday: Couch Dogs

Farley here,

So I am the love of Kristina’s life, right?

Well, I’m wondering why she feels the need to have other dogs stay with us.  Meet Piper.

Farley Piper


Sure, she’s cute. She’s pretty well behaved. But I don’t think she should have the same couch privileges as me. This is my couch, and Piper thinks she can sleep on it with me. Usually, I snuggle up here with Kristina, but there was no room for her.

I decided to get even, so I went to Piper’s house and visited her human.

Mike and Farley

I think I won the couch game. No room for Piper here.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Dogs At The Dinner Table

Farley here,

So most of you know I don’t beg for food. Kristina thinks it’s because the humans never feed me from the dinner table.

But what’s up with Piper?

Her eyes are bugling from their sockets. She’s so surprised that not only is she sitting at the dinner table…she’s being hand fed!

Piper at Dinner

Even though she’s shocked by this human behaviour, she is willing to eat.

Someone throw me a cookie 🙂

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Smelly Dogs Need A Bath!

Farley here,

This whole event was Piper’s fault. She’s a border terrier and likes to roll in stuff.

I’m not sure how her antics evolved into me getting a bath, but she rolled in some kind of fuel and out came the soap.

My humans are excited that she smells. Like she doesn’t smell all the time, so they plop her in the bath. You can see how much she loves it.

Piper in Bath


I’m rolling on the carpet laughing when Kristina says, “You too.”

“What?” I bark. “I don’t stink.”

I run and hide under the table, but it’s no use. Within seconds I’m in the tub too.

Farley in Tub

Silly Piper. I’ll have to train her not to roll in stinky stuff. Now we both smell of soap.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Where Oh Where is my human?

Farley here,

Does anyone know where Kristina went? Every morning I get up and check the house. I sniff each room, I run around the backyard perimeter, and I even looked behind a big tree.

No luck.

I’m starting to miss her.

The humans taking care of me are great. Their only issue…They don’t allow dogs in the bed…


But you know me. Big brown eyes. A wagging tail. And I’m in. Piper, the border terrier, follows my lead. She’s in too!  I’m going to sleep here every night until I see Kristina.

Woof Woof

PS. In case you didn’t know, Kristina’s books are all on sale  I’m the star in BLAZE.


Farley’s Friday: Off Leash Dog Play

Farley here,

I’ve got a new friend! Murphy is a big dog who loves to run. He’s pretty young, so he kinda tired me out.

But wow, he was fun in the park. Now that I see his photo, he looks like a black wolf. I saw one once, so I know what they look like. But I wasn’t afraid. I charged forward and tackled him.

Farley Muphy playing

After playing hard, we found a cool spot to relax in the shade. Kristina and Mathew wanted to keep going, but the three of us (Murphy, Piper, and I)  just said no. We needed time to recover from the big run, so they would just have to wait.

Farley laying in grass

Piper even kept up with us. Piper is one week younger than me and was born a block from where I was born on Vancouver Island, so we are literally life long friends.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: I’ve Got a Girlfriend

Farley here,

Let me introduce Piper. She’s my girl. She’s a border terrier, was born one week after me, and has been visiting us this week.

Here we are the day we came home to our humans.

Farley and Piper Day 1

And here we are on the couch seven years later.

Farley Piper

I may look aloof, but I’ve got a huge crush on her, and I’m trying to look cool.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Dog Adoption Day

Farley here,

I spent the first 8 weeks of my life I’ve on a farm. There were kids, horses and other dogs. I thought life was grand until…

Darkness hovered. Rain soaked us. Thunder boomed. That should have been an indication life was about to change.

“What’s happening?” Piper barked.

“I don’t know,” I barked back. “Where do you think we’re going?”

Farley and  Piper Discuss Options
Farley and Piper Discuss Options

Before we had a chance to answer our questions, we were scooped up and put in a car. After an hours drive, we sheltered in a bus stop and waited.

In the midst of howling wind and rain drops, my first human passed me to another human and abandoned me. I quivered and whined.

We’re loaded into a different car. The stress of the event had taken its toll. Even though Piper was the smallest dog I’d ever seen, we took comfort in each other. I put my leg around her and whispered, “Everything will be okay.”

Farley and Piper
Farley and Piper

Two hours later, we arrived at our destination. There were more people and one huge dog. My duty was to protect Piper, but look at the size of Murphy.

Piper Hiding Behing Farley
Piper Hiding Behind Farley

We held our ground. Murphy sniffed and pranced until we understood he was the boss – and seven years later, he still is.

But life was not all terrifying that day. Look how happy Kristina was to hold me for the first time.

Farley and Kristina Day 1
Farley and Kristina Day 1

Woof Woof