Farley’s Friday: Where’s the snow?

Farley here,

I’m so confused. Last November there was snow on the ground. I love snow, and I can’t find it. Every morning I head outside and check if it arrived during the night. And every morning I find green grass.

Farley and Ruby

I’m ready for winter. I’ve got my booties cleaned and stacked by the door. There are extra towels to dry me off with. My blanket it ready by the fire.

Could someone call the weather people and tell them to send snow my way?

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Goes Skiing

Farley here,

I’m exhausted. I spent the week nordic skiing with my human, Kristina. We covered miles and miles of terrain.

Every morning she says, “Let’s go.”

I run and hide. Why you ask? I don’t really like my booties. They are so NOT cool. Except without them ice sticks between my pads and hurts. So I have to deal with the boots.

Kristina is gentle and makes sure none of my hair gets stuck in the boots’ Velcro. I kiss her ear every time she get’s close enough, and she giggles.

Once we’re outside, she’s slow going uphill, but wow does she rip down hill. I have to run my fastest and can barely keep up. We live in mountainous terrain, so you’re either going up or down. There is no flat. And I love it.

Farley with skis
My nose is cold!

The best part. I get home and crash on the couch, where I’m not really allowed, but soft-hearted Kristina can never say no to me. Look how pooped I am. I really needed the pillow I’m never, ever supposed to sleep on.

Farley on couch

Woof Woof.