Farley’s Friday: Cat Watching

Farley here,

I have a new game. It’s called Cat Watching. You count home many cats you see in one day. Whoever sees the most wins.

Farley Cat watching

Kristina allows me one bark per cat. That’s how she knows how many I’ve seen. I’m not very good at counting, but she is. And she’s very honest when keeping score.

So far, I’m winning the game.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: What’s A Cat Doing With My Human?

Farley here,

I’m still pining for Kristina. She says she’ll be home soon, but what does that mean?

I’m going to stare out this window until she gets here. Don’t get me wrong. The people taking care of me are really nice. They feed me, walk me, and let me sleep in their beds. It doesn’t get better than that. but I have a special connection with my human and I want her back.


To make things worse,  look what I caught her doing!


There is a cat on her lap. Really, that’s just too much.It’s bad enough I’m lonely. She better get home soon and explain this to me.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Jealous of Cats

Woof Woof, Farley here.

I love cats. I really do. But this is too much.

Do you ever see me sitting on furniture let alone at the dinning room table?

Do you ever see me looking longingly at food while my humans are eating.

I think not.

This is Natasha. Apparently she’s higher up in the pack list than me. She gets to have dinner with my peeps.


And then there’s Boris. He gets to have desert at the table.


That makes me third on the list.

I’m going to have to change things, and fast!

Woof Woof.