Conch and Lobster

When we check into the Bahamas we get a fishing license. This means, yum, yum, you guessed it – Dinner for us.

Although it looks as if Farley is getting ready for a snack, he’s out of luck.

These delicious treats go to the humans.

Conch and Lobster

Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2, is a great place to spearfish from.

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Conch For Lunch

#sailing Anyone hungry?

These queen conch make a fabulous conch salad but take a lot of work to get into a bowl. The easy part is finding them.  The folded over lip means they are old enough to be harvested, otherwise they need to left alone at the bottom of the sea.

How does one make a salad?

  • First use a hammer and screw driver to make a hole in the shell.
  • Proceed to get the conch out.
  • Clean the skin off. (a slimy messy job)
  • Hammer until soft.
  • Soak in lime juice, to make it softer.
  • Cut into small cubes.
  • Mix with tomatoes, red pepper, lemon, lime, onion, and touch of hot sauce.
  • Get some crackers, invite your friends, and yum yum, it’s lunch time.