Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Goes Skiing

Farley here,

I’m exhausted. I spent the week nordic skiing with my human, Kristina. We covered miles and miles of terrain.

Every morning she says, “Let’s go.”

I run and hide. Why you ask? I don’t really like my booties. They are so NOT cool. Except without them ice sticks between my pads and hurts. So I have to deal with the boots.

Kristina is gentle and makes sure none of my hair gets stuck in the boots’ Velcro. I kiss her ear every time she get’s close enough, and she giggles.

Once we’re outside, she’s slow going uphill, but wow does she rip down hill. I have to run my fastest and can barely keep up. We live in mountainous terrain, so you’re either going up or down. There is no flat. And I love it.

Farley with skis
My nose is cold!

The best part. I get home and crash on the couch, where I’m not really allowed, but soft-hearted Kristina can never say no to me. Look how pooped I am. I really needed the pillow I’m never, ever supposed to sleep on.

Farley on couch

Woof Woof.