Hurricane Sandy Brings Out the Best

Wednesday is my day to post about cruising, but in respect to those who are suffering from Hurricane Sandy, I decided to post something different.

I’ve been watching the footage and here is what I see: The kindness and bravery shown today was incredible.

A rescue worker carries an elderly woman from her home and takes care to keep her purse dry. A small thing, but I’m sure it was important to her.

Rescue workers help a man get to their vehicle and help him get his two dogs in the back. They didn’t leave his pets behind.

The bravery shown by the coast guard unit who rescued the people from the HMS bounty is amazing. They went out to sea in dangerous conditions that threatened to down their helicopter, and they saved people lives. In their interview, they were humble. I can’t say enough positive about the coast guard, both Canadian and American. I spend half my year on a sailboat, so this really hits home. This is Bravery with a capital B.

Today’s event made me feel good about the human race. There are so many amazing people out there.

Even though I wasn’t put in harm’s way by the hurricane, I want to thank all the people out there who helped others.