Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Tethered to a Sailboat

Farley here.

You may think I look like I’m trying to hide, but what I’m trying to do is give my humans a message.

Usually if I look my cutest they give me what I want.

We’re underway and it’s windy. Twenty-five knots on the nose windy. Out comes my tether, and I know it’s about to get worse.

So here I am, not hiding, but looking cute.

Farley Tethered

Now, as I lay here with my head tucked under the step, my humans discuss the situation.

First, they decide to put a reef in the main. That helps a bit, and the boat settles down.

Then my ears perk up. I hear something good.

“We could turn around,” Kristina suggests.

“Hmmm,” Mathew responds.

Not the answer I’m looking for.

“You could spend the afternoon windsurfing,” Kristina says.

Now the grin on Mathew’s face tells me he likes the idea.

Kristina sweetens the deal. “I’ll make you lunch while you get your gear ready.”

And just like that, my humans tack, turn the sailboat north, and head to a lovely, lovely calm anchorage.

See, being cute does get a dog what he wants.

I hope all you dogs and cats out there had a good Christmas.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Wheaten Terrier Meets Dolphin

Farley Here,

“What the barking blazes is that thing swimming in front of Mattina?” I bark

Kristina and Matt come to the bow. They’re all calm, like a monster isn’t swimming so close to us.

“Go away I,” I bark. “Or else.” Or else what, I have no idea.

Do you see how close it came to our boat?

Farlley and Dolphin

I can’t believe the beast doesn’t listen to me. So you know what it does next?

It swims right underneath me. I go crazy jumping up and down barking at it.  Mr. Dolphin turns on his side and looks up at me. I think he’s smiling at me. An evil smile, mind you. I bounce, and I bark, doing my best to scare it away. I am the protector of this pack, and I take my job seriously.

Kristina and Matt hide behind me. They know they need me to take care of them. And I do. Ten long minutes later, the dolphin finally understands he’s not welcome and he swims away.

I don’t he’ll come back anytime soon. Phew. I’m glad that’s over and I can go back to napping on my trampoline.

Woof Woof.

Mattina At Compass Cay

Fall and winter in the Bahamas can mean cold fronts. Now we don’t mind some, but anything pushing thirty knots and we want to find a place to hide.

There are several marina’s in the Exumas that offer 360 degree protection. Highbourne Cay, Compass Cay and Cave Cay are all good places to hide.

This photo was taken last year by a friend from the top of his mast.

Mattina At Compass Cay

You can see Mattina in the bottom left  corner. You can also see how many other boats chose to hide with us.

The thing about Compass is it’s easy to keep busy. Walking, swimming, kayaking in the mangroves and even hiking to the bubbles baths for a splash in the surf entertain us.

Sometimes we hunker down at anchor and wait out a cold front. This can get a little boring or very exciting depending on what the weather does. Really all we care about is that we’re safe

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Lagoon 308 S2 Watermaker

When we first moved onto Mattina, I knew the one item I wanted before we headed offshore was a water maker.

So, Matt got to work and installed a 12 volt Spectra “Cape Horn Extreme.” The unit is installed in the forward deck locker for easy access.


Now, we get 15 gallons per hour of clean water. No trying to find water. No carrying water.  Just turn on the tap and there it is.

We like the reliability and the efficiency.  It only draws one amp per gallon produced.

Mattina comes with a  large shower, so the extra water makes living aboard luxurious.  We don’t have to monitor every drop that comes out of the taps.  I can’t imagine life in the Bahamas without our Spectra water maker.

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Lagoon 380: A freezer Gets Filled

Part of getting ready to set sail every year includes filling the freezer with meats – unless you’re a vegetarian, of course – and then you can fill the freezer with other yummy foods.

Our freezer sits underneath the cockpit bench and is easily accessible from just outside the galley. It’s an Engel and runs off both 12 volt and AC current. We run off the battery when we are underway and run off shore power at the dock. There is a small freezer inside our galley refrigerator, but it’s not big enough for the quantity we like to bring with us.

DSC 1664

I’ve learned a thing or two about getting the maximum use out of the space that I’d like to share.

By not freezing the meat prior to storage, the meat uses up less space.  If the meat is frozen first, then you can’t manipulate the shape to pack more in. We store the meat raw while Mattina is plugged in at the dock. This little machine hums away until the meats are frozen solid.

DSC 1665

Warning: layer your  meats so that each row has a choice. Don’t put all the steak at the bottom, for instance.  The freezer has now become a jig saw puzzle and it’s amazing how hard it is to fit a frozen package back in once the pieces have been disturbed. After a while this doesn’t matter, but at first, if you can pick off the top layer without disturbing lower layers, life is much easier.

We also vacuum seal the meat so freezer burn doesn’t ruin the meat.

Now to get to the Bahamas so we can light up the barbecue.

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Lagoon 380 Helm Station

Mattina is a lovely boat that needs protection from the sun. Even though we have a bimini shading the cockpit, we feel more is needed.

As we sail we have direct access to our depth sounder, wind speed and direction indicator, knot metre and a chart plotter with radar screen. Our helm station uncovered, looks like this:

MAttina Helm Instruments

The first part in protecting the instruments from the sun is the instrument covers. These get put on as soon as we are settled in an anchorage or at a dock.

Mattina Helm Instruments cover

The second part of protecting the instruments is our custom-made helm cover. The cover is made of sunbrella that matches the rest of the canvas on Mattina.

Mattina Helm Cover

You can see from the second photo, there are more items than just the instruments that need covering, including the steering wheel.

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Lagoon 380 Folding Props

As many of you know, Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2 is already in the water, but I thought I’d back up a bit and show off our Radiche props.

Mattina has folding propellers. The propellers fold back when not in use, as shown below, to reduce drag while we are sailing.

Folding Prop closed
Mattina Props Folded Sep 2013

And they  open when we are under power.

Folding Props
Mattina props open: Sep 2013

Every year Matt paints the props with anti fouling paint and puts on new sacrificial zincs. Looking pretty nice for something that won’t be seen.  Not that it matters, because the whole point is for Mattina to sail faster when the propellers are folded back than she would with fixed propellers.

Now I can’t wait to get out on the ocean, head for the Bahamas, and do some sailing. What are you waiting for, you ask? The end of hurricane season.

Happy Sailing and Thanks for reading . . .