Reading Before E-Books

Life before E-books? Try sailing before E-books.

On our Niagara 42, Allura, we sailed from Toronto to Aruba and back. Every summer I would scour the second-hand books stores looking for a year’s worth of reading material. Trying to figure out in August what I’ll want to read in January is difficult. So many things influence what I feel like reading.

You can imagine the storage space all the books took up, not to mention the weight. Throughout our first sailing adventure, I searched for book trades if I needed to add to my library. I left books in many marinas and libraries along the way.

Enter E-books. I bought my first Kindle after one year on Mattina. Imagine the happiness my husband felt when I cleared out the cabinets and storage spaces under the bed. He thought he could have the space for storing important things like tools and spare parts. So the negotiations began, and we shared the space. I used to stuff the built-in bookshelf on my side of the bed with books, now I don’t know what to put there. My Kindle only takes up a tiny space.

With the Kindle, I have an endless supply of books at my fingertips. I thought of this today because I’m reading all of the books nominated for the Arthur Ellis writing awards for excellence in crime writing. Before an E-book, I never would have had access to these books while I was sailing. Isn’t it nice how technology makes our lives more fun.

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Mattina Spinnaker Sailing

Even though we have our lovely boat for sale, Mattina continues to give us gifts as we sail toward Florida.

As we head north, the wind comes from the south at 15 knots and we raise the spinnaker. We sail for two days under these conditions, happy to be cruising at 7 knots over ground heading for our destination.

Mattina Sailing May 2014


With the wind and weather treating us well, we’ll make the most of our final days in the Bahamas. If you are interested in buying Mattina or would like to see her in Florida, please check out our listing. You can also contact us through that page.


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Women Sailing A Lagoon 380

We were out the other day sailing our Lagoon 380 with friends. There’s nothing like sailing in 15 knots off the beam in flat seas. Mattina sailed at 8.5 knots over ground.

I had to laugh at this photo of me and what the wind does to my hair. It’s a good think a person can’t see themselves most of the time.

Sailing in between Stocking Island and George Town give us lots of opportunity to tack and gibe. A piece of cake on our lagoon as she’s a catamaran and the boat stays flat during sail maneuvers.

Tina at winch

Anyway, sailing is everything about speed over ground and nothing about looks.

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Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Wears A Collar

Farley here,

I have a little cut on my leg. How I got it, I don’t know. Kristina cleans my wound and rubs on something she calls antibiotic cream. Not so bad really, but then I see her sneak back into the my medical kit, yes I have my own medical kit on Mattina, and I know what’s coming.

I run along the port side of Mattina and jump on the tramp.

“No, no, no,” I bark.

Kristina is coming with the dreaded cone of shame. She reaches the tramp . . .

But I’m faster. I run along the starboard side, jump into the cockpit, scamper into the main salon and launch myself onto the port bed. Now, I’m not allowed up there, so I know I’ve made mistake. I’ve cornered myself.

“Stop,” I bark. “I won’t lick my cut. I promise.”

But nope, Kristina grabs my front paws and drags me off the bed.

“Pretty please,” I whine in my nicest voice. “Don’t make me wear that.”

Well, you can see how that worked out for me.

Here I sit, looking silly.

Farley with cone

Don’t tell Kristina, but this thing is actually pretty comfortable when I’m lying down. I have my own personal pillow that goes everywhere with me.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: One Tired Wheaten Terrier

Farley here,

Kristina is crazy. She made me run 12 km. I told her I wanted to nap in the shade, but she ignored me.

Now look at me.

Farley 12 k run

I need a long, long nap to recover. Luckily, I got to the best seat in the cockpit first. I have my own towel to cover the seats, like I’m sandy or something, but once I’m settled, it’s pretty nice.

Kristina’s napping too, so I don’t feel guilty at all. And if I have to run with her, the least she can do is let me sleep later.

Woof Woof.

Wind sports in the Bahamas

While we sail around the Bahamas, we are always on the search for places to windsurf or kite board from. We carry two windsurfers with us, and our friends  carry kite boards.

The sand bar below appears at low tide and gives everyone a launch pad for their sport of choice. This is just south of Big Farmer’s Cay. Playing on the sand bar keeps us on our toes as far as the tide is concerned. When the water comes up, it’s time to head back to Mattina.

Sandbar for Windsurfing

If we can’t find a suitable beach or temporary sandbar to launch from, Matt rigs on the trampoline and windsurfs from the back of the boat.

We have the routine mastered, so it doesn’t really matter where we are, as long as there is wind.

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Rain in the Bahamas?

Rain doesn’t happen often in the Bahamas, at least while we’ve been here, but the skies can dump a large amount of water in a short period of time.

What do we do when that happens?

Sometimes, I’m caught out on the beach, usually running with Farley, but that’s okay. The rain is warm and often a welcome cool down during a work out.

Sometimes, we’re on board. Then we hide. The main salon windows mean we get at 360 degree view of the anchorage and can keep an eye out for moving boats. 

Our cockpit enclosure keeps us dry and warm, so we have an extra room if we want to be outside while the weather decides to soak us. 

Enclosure SB View

Mattina is for sale and we updated the photo gallery yesterday if you’d like to see more pictures.

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Mattina in the Bahamas

Emotions run full speed when life changes are on the way. Since we’ve put Mattina for sale, we’ve been very pleased with the response we’ve been getting. Gotta love social media for getting the word out there. Thanks to everyone who has shared, tweeted, or reposted my blog. The added visibility is a big help.

The added visibility also makes selling Mattina feel real for me, and I have to confess there is a little part of me that’s sad. But alas, new adventures await, and I’m excited about that too.

Mattina At Anchor

The Bahamas provide many  beautiful places to anchor, and there’s nothing like the clear blue water to entice a sailor to stay a while.

This is our fifth winter roaming the Bahamian islands and cays, and I’m still amazed at the beauty of the water.

Now I need to make the most of it and enjoy what’s on offer. Hence . . . time to go beach running.

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