Writing in the Mountains

Does your location help you write?

I’ve recently moved from living on the ocean to living in the mountains. I’ve gone from warmth all year round, to 0 degrees Celsius in September.

The crisp air, the endless hiking, the deer – luckily no other wildlife – the scenery all make me feel uplifted.


Inspiring? Yup, I think so. I’ve spend many hours writing in the last few days, many of those spent on my back porch listing to the forest tell me its secrets. Maybe those secrets will make their way into my novels. I’ll  let you know.


Thanks for reading . . .

Farley’s Friday: A Working Wheaten

Farley here,

If you’ve been reading, my life as a dog has changed recently. I’m a mountain dog. I used to be a boat dog. Mountains dogs are touch, rugged creatures who protect their humans from all kinds of dangers. Yup, that’s me. Tough guy. The only drawback . . . I get put to work.

September has arrived along with cold temperatures. I love the cold. On the boat, I was usually too hot. Now I hang out outside and enjoy the cool temps.

But just so you don’t get the wrong impression, I’m a working dog.

My human, Matt, collects wood – this is hard work involving axes and saws and other tools I’ve never seen before.

Then he chops the wood. I think he uses a splitter.

Chopping Wood

My job is also hard work. I get  the kindling ready.

Farley with Kindling

The next steps boggles my mind. Look what they do with the wood.

End result

These humans are crazy. It’s fab being cold and what do they do? They heat up the house, so I head outside and enjoy my deck.

Woof Woof.