Swimming with Sharks

Living the cruising lifestyle presents some exciting opportunities. It only takes a little courage to take advantage.

Compass Cay Marina in the Exuma island chain, Bahamas has a school of Nurse sharks that frequent the marina.

The sharks are used to human interaction, although the marina staff does recommend not putting your hand in a shark’s mouth – duh 🙂

My niece had the guts, I had the camera and off we went. She made me go in the water first. “Just in case,” she said. “It’s your duty as my aunt to sacrifice yourself.”

How could I argue? So I went first, nothing ate me and she came in after.

Here’s the proof we swam with sharks – okay I know they’re Nurse sharks and are harmless, but tell that to the adrenaline rushing through my body.

My brave niece and her new friends.
My brave niece and her new friends.

Dogs and Sharks

Nurse Sharks

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Dogs can be curious creatures, but sometimes it’s not in their best interest to engage with sea life.

The nurse sharks are keeping a close eye on the fish cleaning that we are doing near by. Jasper, the springer spaniel, is keeping a close eye on the nurse sharks.

If your dog likes to jump off docks, this might be a good time to have him on a leash. Ours are just curious and stay out of the water.

Nurse sharks are gentle creatures, and some of our group actually swam with them. I guarded the dogs, you know . . . just in case they needed guarding.