Farley’s Friday: Where’s the snow?

Farley here,

I’m so confused. Last November there was snow on the ground. I love snow, and I can’t find it. Every morning I head outside and check if it arrived during the night. And every morning I find green grass.

Farley and Ruby

I’m ready for winter. I’ve got my booties cleaned and stacked by the door. There are extra towels to dry me off with. My blanket it ready by the fire.

Could someone call the weather people and tell them to send snow my way?

Woof Woof

Authors helping Authors

Are you interested in helping authors get the word out about their books?

I am. If I read a book I like  or see a notice from an author I like about their new book I try to help.

I put the word out on the following social media sites.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Smashwords
  • Goodreads
  • Pinterest

Why do I do this? I love to read. I love to promote reading. And this is an easy way to encourage others to read and help an author at the same time.

Are there other ways you help promote authors?

Thanks for reading . . .