Word Sensitivity

As a writer you probably focus on words more than others. You spend a good part of your day trying out the different words to see which one gives your sentence the meaning and nuance you’re striving for.

But what does this do to you as a person?

Do you listen differently than you used to?

I’ve found that I certainly do.

Sometimes I hear what’s been said, then I process it, and then whammo – I think – that was an insult. I might not have noticed before I started writing, but now I have to turn down my sensitivity metre. Sometimes it’s not a good thing to understand the deeper meaning behind words. Sometimes I think, what a great way to hide an insult inside a compliment, and then I use it in a novel.

On the happy side, it means I’ll notice a compliment more often too. And that makes me smile.

Has writing changed you? Do you hear differently?

Thanks for reading . . .