Dog Parks While Cruising

Dogs bring special needs with them onto a cruising boat. #sailing One of their needs is exercise. While in the U.S. or Canada is easy to find dog parks. When you pull into an anchorage, Google will find one for you if you don’t know where one is. Locals are always happy to point us in the direction of a good dog park.

Just north of the Titusville Municipal Marina in Florida is  a fenced in dog park. It’s split in two. Half designated for small dogs, half for big dogs. It has a double gate for entry, ensuring our pup can’t run away. It even has water. It was a nice surprise for us and for Farley.

There is a dog park near Vero Beach Municipal Marina, but it’s not fenced.

Seaside beaches in the U.S have varying rules for dogs. Some allow them, some don’t. We always check first before taking Farley for a run.

If you’re cruising to the Bahamas, dogs can run free on the beach. Some places have organized “doggy beach parties” depending on how many dogs are in an anchorage. It’s easy to start one up. Just get on the VHF and announce one.

“Who let the dogs out?” Woof Woof

3 thoughts on “Dog Parks While Cruising

    1. We have a catamaran that has a trampoline between the two hulls. Farley has chosen a spot for himself. We have a wash down pump on the forward deck to clean up afterwards.

      He’s amazing really. We were crossing the Gulf Stream, the waves were fairly large, and the boat was moving around. I tethered him to me, then tethered me to the boat and we walked to the bow together.
      He does his thing and we walk back. Pretty exhilarating sometimes, but we he has to go he lets us know, mostly by staring at us.

      My girlfriend thinks Farley thinks his name is “good boy” because I say it so often, but he is such a good boat dog I can’t help myself.


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