Cruising and Exercising

Stocking Island, Bahamas


Keeping fit while cruising is sometimes a challenge. If you’re a runner, you can find beach in the Bahamas that will fill your need to run.

The photo is of my favourite beach on Stocking Island. It’s 2.5 K each way, meaning I can get in a 5K run. (10K if I’m feeling ambitious and the tides are right.)

The tides are a factor when choosing what time to run. Low tide is the best. High tide is a slog. But everyday the beach has a different surface so it’s like getting new workout equipment at the gym.

Ankles and knees can be a concern on the angled slope, but the calves really get a workout.

Typical of this beach, there is no one on it. It is one of my favourite spots in the Bahamas.

The little dot beside us is my wheaten terrier, Farley. He loves an off-leash beach run.


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