Kayaking Dog

#dogs Farley loves to kayak, although today I think I might have overdone it with him. Don’t you think he looks tired? Even though it’s me who does all the work, he gets a nap.

If you’re thinking of bringing your dog cruising and bringing a kayak, it’s a good idea to test the kayak first. I had to find one big enough that Farley could get in it too.


6 thoughts on “Kayaking Dog

  1. I have a kayaking dogs to …LOL.. they love it . You can see some pictures of them at
    scroll on members/dancers then a drop box “Pets as Family Members” ”
    The Husky enjoys riding in the kayak /the shepherd would just as soon swim beside it for miles at a time!

    Cute Pup you have and it’s so nice to see people out with their pets!


  2. Hi Farley,

    My name is Buddy and I’m an office dog in the UK. I’m a staffordshire bull terrier but I am gentle and I love humans. Wow! I have only been on wordpress for a few days and after finding out about the adventures of Dante in Miami, then there’s you the kayaking dog. Who would have thought there are dogs out there who hold special jobs. Do you like kayaking? Does the water scare you? You do look a bit worried in the picture, or just intense focus? Well I would be scared too!

    BAYL (Bark at you later) I learnt that today too!


  3. Love animals that travel well. I miss having an animal, then we move countries and new customs and agricultural officials and I think. No, we’re fine without pets. I’m glad you can share, however.


  4. We didn’t get a pet until we knew we were finished travelling beyond the Bahamas. Once we got a catamaran, we got the dog. We sailed our last boat, a Niagara 42 sloop, from Toronto to Aruba and back. Not really a trip for a dog. Hanging in the Bahamas is great for a pup.


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