Sea Turtles


One of the joys of cruising is that the view from our home changes every day.

This lovely sea turtle swam by our stern. We were lucky and the waters were calm, giving us a perfect view. This guy stayed with us for a while, driving the dog crazy, but we loved it.

Who knows what will swim by us tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Sea Turtles

  1. Kristina: what kind of sea turtle was that in your photo of April 4, 2012? My name is Fawn Lovecchio and I was scuba diving in the Bahamas and took an underwater photo of a light brown (beige) sea turtle with a small head that looks like the same kind you saw. I cannot find out what it is, I’ve never seen one of these before and it’s driving me crazy trying to find out what it is. Can you help?


      1. Thanks Kristina for answering my question so quickly! I’m looking into the I.D. of that turtle. You were SO fortunate to see one–I LOVE sea turtles and have many underwater photos of them on my walls at home. Fawn Lovecchio



        1. If you find out, can you comment back here? The other type of turtle we saw, but didn’t get a photo of, is a leatherback. That was definitely a highlight for us.


        2. I e-mailed the photo of the sea turtle to an organization that knows turtles in the Bahamas. They said it was a Green Sea Turtle and that it looked very healthy. I guess it was a younger one and had not gotten all of it’s shell markings yet. I’m e-mailing the photo to you to enjoy! Fawn Lovecchio


        3. Thanks. This is good to know. We see them at least a couple of times a week. My dog is very interested in them when they swim close to the boat.
          Sometimes they stay above water long enough to get a photo, other times they are too quick. They like to hang around small reefs, so I guess there is a food source for them.


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