Mattina on the Hard

Part of our cruising lifestyle includes putting our boat on the hard for the summer. I’m always sad to put her away, but ecstatic when we get to launch her again.

Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2, is on land, tucked safely away. She’s in a marina in Florida. Our only worry for the summer is a hurricane, and there’s not much we can do about that, so really why worry.

There is value in decommissioning and re-commissioning  each season. The process forces us to evaluate each piece of equipment, deep clean storage spaces, fridge and freezer, determine if repairs are needed and perform any yearly maintenance. I think if we didn’t get off the boat each summer, we might not get around to some of these tasks because we are too busy enjoying sailing the boat.

So for now, while our boats takes a rest, I’ll stop my Wednesday blog about cruising and start it up again in the fall.

5 thoughts on “Mattina on the Hard

  1. My dad managed a marina for many years in Grand Haven, MI . .. so this seems backwards to me, lol. I remember him being very busy locking boats away in October and then getting them back out in April:) Sooooooo, what are your plans for summer if you’re not sailing? Do tell!!


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