Dogs and Ticks: Yuck

What dog doesn’t love to run off leash in a yard or in a field? My wheaten terrier certainly does and that ups the risk of him getting a tick on him.

Farley has already had ehrlichiosis, and it was not fun. He had it when he was a year old. After being bitten by a brown tick in the Bahamas, he got very lethargic. His joints hurt – we could tell because he yelped when we touched him. The pain seemed to move from on joint to another. He had a fever of 104. Lucky for us, there is a vet in George Town, Bahamas who diagnosed Farley and treated him. Now, I’m a little sensitive about ticks.

Farley in on Advantix and he has a Lyme’s disease vaccination. I’m not saying this is right for your dog, it’s just what I do. I wash him in Avon Skin So Soft body wash. This seems to reduce the number of ticks that land on him. I met a woman in a park who told me about it and, and I thought, what the hey, it couldn’t hurt to try it – and he smells sooooo nice.

Do you have any good tips for preventing ticks?


2 thoughts on “Dogs and Ticks: Yuck

  1. Ticks? Those horrible bloodsuckers, both my five-year-old and I had to have them cut out on camping trips. Now I use a Skin So Soft rub on stick for ticks and mosquitos. But I never thought of washing my dog with it. Thanks for the tip.


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