Farley’s Friday: When I Was A Wheaten Puppy

Farley here.

Some things change. Some things don’t.

Kristina brushed my hair today, and I noticed it was all blond. I don’t look in a mirror very often, so I was a little surprised.

I’m pretty sure I was born brown and black, and I don’t die my hair . . . so what the heck?

10 weeks old ... and I'm so cute.
10 weeks old … and I’m so cute.

I guess my hair changed colour. But what didn’t change?

You can see by the photo below, where I’m 8 weeks old, I’m not exactly excited by a ball. Well I’m still not.

Could someone get this ball away from me?
Could someone get this ball away from me?

Sometimes my owners throw a ball for me, and I might chase it, but I will never pick it up. How humiliating. That’s for humans to do.

Do you pick up a ball for your owner?

Woof Woof

6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: When I Was A Wheaten Puppy

  1. I hope I am not repeating myself. Yours is the only blog that keeps asking for my WORD password. (I forget it) now I don’t see my comment. I too am not a ball chaser. I let my brother Jiggs, the Jack Russel , handle all the Ball activity. I too was darker when I was a pup. I’m not sure why I am lighter. You, however, could be sun bleached from living in all that great weather. BOL Love M.J.


    1. M.J, when I try to log into another wordpress blog, I don’t get asked for the password if I am logged into my site. If I’m not already logged in I get asked for a password. I’m no expert but this could be the reason.


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