What I Gave the Muse for Valentine’s Day

For my usual Monday posts, writing is the topic. Kirsten shared this information about Scapple and I wanted to repost. I’m sailing in the Bahamas and have a great internet connection this morning, so here goes my repost even though it’s not Monday yet.

I’ve downloaded the trial version of Scapple and the first think I like is that the 30 day trial only counts the days you use the software, so no pressure to use test the software.

So far, I’ve done a character drawing of how my characters link together and imported it to Scrivener, and it was all very easy.
Kirsten’s blog gives detail on the software so I’ll let you read hers instead of me repeating anything . . .

A Scenic Route

Artyom Tchen @ Stock.xchng

Maybe you thought my Muse was the sort who wants chocolate and flowers.

Not so much. He can have all the chocolate he wants any day of the year, and I give him a steady supply of music and books to keep him out of trouble. No, what he really wants is … software!

So I got him a little program by the name of Scapple, cooked up by the industrious programmers at Literature and Latte, who also created my favorite writing program, Scrivener. I first read about it on Nancy H. Doyle’s blog a few months ago, and this little gem has been distracting me from my writing ever since.

With a thirty-day free trial, the download starts right up displaying a blank screen that just begs to be filled with graphics and, as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been following A Scenic Route for any…

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