The Meet My Character Blog Hop-Nick Moore

I couldn’t help reblogging Kirsten’s blog. Thanks for the great mention and link to my books at the bottom. One small correction, Descent was nominated for the Crime Writer’s of Canada Unhanged Arthur and Burnt was nominated for the UK’s Crime Writer’s Association Debut Dagger. I would love to have won, but am extremely flattered to have been nominated. I’m looking forward to reading the future “Meet My Characters” blog hop.

A Scenic Route

The cold wind gives me goose bumps as climb the front steps to Nick Moore’s beach house, gripping my laptop to my chest like a lover. I knock on the door.Image courtesy of 'Lucretious' @ stock.xchng

Will he remember me? Will he be forthcoming? Have I completely lost touch with my protagonist? Have I completely lost touch with the last vestige of my sanity?

The door opens and he grins broadly. “Writer!”

It is the first time I have visited him here in his new home, now several years into his happily ever after. “Nick?” I ask nervously. “Do you have some time?”

He laughs and steps aside to let me in. “Of course I have time. In fact, I’ve been expecting you.”

I look him over curiously. He hasn’t changed all that much since I last wrote him and still has that lean confident bearing that drives the women wild, and he still favors…

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2 thoughts on “The Meet My Character Blog Hop-Nick Moore

  1. How cool is this? My words up on your very classy blog. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing my post and congrats again on the shortlist for the Debut Dagger and the nomination for Unhanged Author. I’m sure before long you’ll be taking home the top prize. 😉

    And you mystery writers have the most intriguing award names!


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