Mystery Mondays: Author Jesse Giles Christiansen talks series…

Congratulations to Mystery Monday guest blogger Jesse Giles Christiansen – his novel REVENGE OF THE SEA is released today by Imajin Books.


It is my pleasure to welcome Jesse Giles Christiansen, #1 bestselling author in sea adventures. As you know, I’ve spent nine years living on the sea, so these books have a special place on my shelf, and I’ve very excited about Jesse’s upcoming novel REVENGE OF THE SEA.

So over to Jesse. Ahoy!

The Journey of a Mystery – by Jesse Giles Christiansen

The editing for REVENGE OF THE SEA is almost finished, the goosebumpish book trailer is ready, great reviews are drifting in, and I have the best book cover of my career.

So why am I so nervous?

You see, with Pelican Bay, there was no time to think about anything. It was my first published book, and like a dreamy-eyed Adam in the Garden of Publishing, wearing geeky glasses, a dog-eared tweed with patched elbows, and torn jeans, I personified blissful ignorance.

The novel sailed on Hot…

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