Writing While Traveling

How to write when your routine explodes? #writetip As the season changes from summer to fall, I think we all go through changes in routine.

I’m preparing to head south on my catamaran, Mattina, for a winter of sailing. This is a difficult time to write. Somewhere in the middle of the million items on my to-do list, I have to find the time.  While, I’m on the  move here are some things I do.

Print my novel to edit while driving (not while I’m at the wheel).

Read books on writing, so I feel like I’m working.

Have my notebook ready. If I’m not in a place where I can use my computer, I still remember how to use a pen.

Write something each day, even if it’s only one sentence, it’s still an accomplishment.


9 thoughts on “Writing While Traveling

  1. I find changes if schedule hard to navigate. I’m finding new writing times in a radically different school schedule at the moment. I have been finding encouragement reading about how other writers make time.

    Thanks for sharing.
    And, have a fabulous winter sailing!



  2. I tried to write on the plane to Jamaica recently. I did it on my last trip there and it worked out great. This time though, I had three kids with me. I might as well not have even bought my computer. I really didn’t get anyhting done. It ended up being a vacation from my brain, too. Good thing was, though, that eveything seemed fresh when I got back, and I was ready with the hatchet. It really needed it.


    1. Jennifer, You make a good point. Sometimes the brain just needs a break. Jamaica with the family sounds pretty special. If you need the break, take the break, and don’t feel bad about it. Dog walking often gives me the mental lift I need to get going again.


  3. Hi Kristina.

    I’ve just seen your message on LinkedIn and wonder if you might fancy writing me a guest blog. I post three a week and am fairly booked up (mid-November) but your situation stood out as something that my readers would be interested in. There are also opportunities for interviews, spotlights, flash fiction postings and red pen podcast critiques with varying lead times and open to writers of any genre fitting my ‘clean’ rated blog and podcast. Thank you.

    Morgen Bailey


    1. I’d love to be a guest blogger. I am traveling south now. Doing a tour of Vermont, N.H., Maine, NY. Next is Annapolis, MD. After that a couple of weeks in St. Augustine. FL getting my boat ready. I’ll spend some time reading your blog and see what I can come up with that would fit. I’m looking forward to working with you.


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