Unauthorized ad on my blog

Today I opened my “Should a writer blog” post and found an ad for Lasic surgery. Does anyone know how to disallow ads on a WordPress blog?

My blog is family friendly, and I have to say it worried me that an ad showed up in the middle of my page. What if it had been something not suitable? Yikes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Unauthorized ad on my blog

  1. First of all, I just checked, and the ad wasn’t there anymore. Not sure how that works.
    I think I remember the Terms and Conditions saying that ads would appear from time to time. THe more popular you get, I guess the more frequently this will happen. I have not seen one, yet, nor have I seen any one MOST of the blogs that I visit, so it must not happen often.

    You can get rid of them for $29.97 per year by going to your dashboard, and clicking on “store”. It is one of the premium features offered.


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