Checking for Errors

Mattina: Lagoon 380 S2

Getting a boat ready for a season of sailing is like proofreading a novel. #writetip Our catamaran is out of the water, and this gives us the opportunity to check under the water line for any issues. We go over every inch of the boat just like an author should go over every letter and punctuation mark on the page.

I don’t know if it’s just that I read in more detail since I’ve started writing, but I notice more and  more errors in published novels. This goes for both those that go through the traditional publishing houses and those that are self-published.

I understand the occasional typo, but yesterday I found the same sentence written twice. I know the author has spent so much time with the book that is impossible to see it after a while. Here is where I believe an editor is in need.

Whether you hire a professional editor or ask a friend, make sure it’s someone with an eye for detail. It sounds obvious, but you need someone who is tough on you.


4 thoughts on “Checking for Errors

  1. Great analogy. I agree. You wouldn’t let your boat sink by neglecting a potential leak, so why would an author who’s done so much work to get their book in print let it sink in the eyes of the reader? I’m ok with seeing the occasional misplaced comma (and am guilty of placing more than my share of them), but a repeated sentence? Yikes.


  2. Love your analogy. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours looking at every square of my trampoline. One weak square and it’s into to the sea – literally. It’s takes time, but definitely worth the effort.


  3. I read over and over and always find a “little something” wrong, and then my beta readers find more. It is easy to miss something in your own work, because your eyes gloss right over small mistakes.


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