Editing Online

Pages or Word have functions that allow you to edit a manuscript online. #writetip I’m working on a friend’s manuscript and am doing it over the internet. Since I’ll be traveling for the winter, it’s not practical for me to work on a hard copy. Yesterday I started reading the manuscript and decided to use two methods for editing online.

The “comments” functions allows me to  insert comments on the margin of the document. This is where I put things like, “Where did the garbage bags come from?” I made this comment on a scene where a group is on the run and they are about to jump off a train and into a lake. They packed their things in garbage bags before jumping. There had been no mention of garbage bags to this point. I use this function to mention anything that doesn’t make sense.

This is also where I mention what I like. It’s just as important to tell an author what you do like. They need to hear what’s working in their novel.

The “track changes” function allows me to correct typos, and punctuation or grammar mistakes. The author can then accept or reject the changes without too much effort.

On a side note, if you like my blog, you might also like to read Jennifer Eaton’s. She has some interesting things to say about what to look for in a manuscript.


2 thoughts on “Editing Online

  1. Thanks for the mention, Kristina!

    One of my beta partners just suggested on-line editing. I haven’t tried it yet. I do work on electronic copies, and haven’t really had any issue with doing it this way, but I am sure it is great for people who have to carry around memory sticks, or actual pages.


  2. I just sent an edited manuscript back to the author. We’ll see how it works for him. At first glance, he’s happy with the format and can easily see the comments and corrections. We’ve started an email trail for the comments that require a bit of discussion.


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