Can you see every mark on the page?

It’s harder than I thought. #writetip. I like to use tools of the trade to help me perfect my work. I happen to use pages, but any good word processing program will help you check all marks on your page.

When you are checking details during a final proofread, turn on the “show invisibles” function of your software. I view the document at 200% or larger, set the colour of “invisibles” to a dark red (assuming your text is black), and then look at each character.

At this phase I’m looking for:

– one space only after each period.

– no spaces after an opening quote or before an end quote.

– no spaces after a paragraph or page break.

– no double spacing between words.

– etc.

This might seem like I’ve gone too far but I think it makes a manuscript a professional product. It takes time and makes your eyes tired, but in the end, it’s worth it.


One thought on “Can you see every mark on the page?

  1. That’s a great tip and I remember that function from way back in the day of the DOS operating system – before Windows! You could see all the invisible stuff and we thought it was so cool! Seems that what’s old is new again and it’s time to re-embrace it.


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