Cruising, Writing and Spreadsheets


Do we really need to eat this much? #sailing #writetip

I think I’ve turned into a spreadsheet junky.

I have just reached a first draft of my third novel. Now I study the spreadsheet I created as I was writing the novel, decide at the best order of scenes, where the chapter breaks should be, do I have enough scenes with the main characters, etc.

As if my head wasn’t exploding with details,  but I was feeling so productive and decided it was time to do some provisioning.  So out came spreadsheet number two. After two years of updating this spreadsheet, I know exactly how much food we eat.

Every season, I write down when we run out of food or if we have left overs at the end of the season. It’s getting pretty accurate. During the season I add lines if there is something we were missing. Last year, I didn’t bring enough honey. One little bottle. What was I thinking? I love honey.

Today it’s back to my writing spreadsheet and the hard work of editing that first draft.

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6 thoughts on “Cruising, Writing and Spreadsheets

  1. Okay, you’re my kind of woman! Not only do you write and cruise but you love spreadsheets! I am forwarding this to my friend who we nicknamed “spread” for her love of spreadsheets too. On another note, I own a meal planning company (in addition to blogging for my self and dogs), and would love to have you guest post on your planning/provisioning process – and/or any other food related topic if you’re game. My email is if you want to connect off post.


    1. Always healthy choices.We put canned fruits and veggies on board for when we can’t find fresh food. Right before we leave Florida, we’ll load up on fresh picked Florida oranges and grapefruits. Now I feel like an ad for Florida, but the fruit sure tastes great.


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