Cats and Dogs

Farley believes all cats should adore him.

Should all characters get along? #writetip. Definitely not. But why not spice up a scene by forcing two characters who don’t get along into a situation where they must.

Put their lives in danger. Make them rely on each other. But the whole time, they really can’t stand each other.

Then give a character a life altering decision. Character A must risk their lives to save Character B. Do they do it? Or do they leave the person to die. This will say volumes about your character, and maybe scare your reader at the same time.

Farley playing with the cat made me think about odd pairings and how sometimes life surprises you, but also how fiction should surprise you.


One thought on “Cats and Dogs

  1. I have one of these in my novel. Harris, an uppity prince is forced into a “roommate” situation with Magellan, (The MC) who is a commoner. Harris wants nothing to do with him, but ends up “wanting” to be friends with Magellan, but he can’t because it’s frowned on. It gives great emmo to develop the character of Harris… the personal struggle of WHI HE IS and who he WANTS TO BE


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