Arrival in the Bahamas

Pure Happiness

Monday is usually a day I blog about writing #sailing But we’ve arrived in the Bahamas.

Farley represents how we feel.

We left the Florida coast at 4 AM and arrived in Lucaya, Grand Bahamas at 3:30 PM.

Crossing the Gulf Stream was a little rougher than we expected, but we had enough wind to motor sail. We would have preferred no motor, but were happy having the main and genoa up to boost us along.

The window to cross was short and closed up behind us. We are now waiting in Lucaya  at the Sunrise Resort and Marina for the wind to settle down and let us move further south. It’s a great place to get some writing done.

After this we island hop, so internet access could get a little sketchy.


2 thoughts on “Arrival in the Bahamas

  1. Congratulations on having a safe crossing and passage! Welcome back “home” so to speak. We will live vicariously this season through you and your blog. Best wishes to Matt and Farley as well. Please pass on our best wishes to any repeat offenders you may encounter along the way. We are truly envious and are working hard at our extraction palns so we too may be on the water on a more permanent basis.

    Alan and Christina
    aka SV Mango Groove


    1. Mango Groove, It’s great to hear from you. As you know, we are not always connected to the internet.
      We are at Exuma Park Headquarters and logged in. Something odd about working on my computer with this beautiful sea surrounding me. Kristina


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