Eye Colour and Your Characters

How many ways are there to describe eye colour? #writetip So My handy spreadsheet tells me I like brown eyes.  A character’s eye colour is important and there are only so many different colour of eyes out there.

Here’s what I discovered. Paint companies love to name their paints all kinds of fascinating things. Go to a paint store, pick up a whole bunch of cards  that show colours similar to eye colour, and bring them home. When you need to describe a new character here is your pool of colours.


5 thoughts on “Eye Colour and Your Characters

  1. That is a great idea. I heard an interview yesterday as I was catching up on podcasts by the author of Middlesex and he said when he creates a character, he thinks of everyone he has ever known with the/a central trait (his explanation was depression) and builds his characters off of all of them so it’s not like the character is one person. Interesting.


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