Italics for Thoughts?

#writetip Garry Ryan, author of the Detective Lane Mysteries is kindly donating his time to be my mentor. This is part of the CWC mentorship program. We’re working through my third novel, Burnt, and in my humble opinion, the novel getting better.

One thing we’ve discussed is using italics for a characters thoughts. This is something I hadn’t done before. Garry’s advice is that it makes it easier for the reader to jump from narrative to thought.

I’ve been trying this technique, and I have to say it’s rather fun. It’s putting me more into the character’s head. I guess it reduces the distance between author and character, and then hopefully, between reader and character.

Now, we’ll see what kind of feedback I get on this new style (new for me, I mean).


6 thoughts on “Italics for Thoughts?

  1. So, is your mentor out there on the boat with you? Tee Hee.

    I use itallics all the time. HIDDEN is riddled with them. My characters think a lot. I think it ads depth, and the itallics really bring it out.

    You should check out LIttleMissVix’s blog. She posted a nice story the other day that had me in tears. (Just have your tissies ready)


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