Dog Games Underway

One day, Farley will catch a ball...

What games does your dog like to play? #sailing Many of these can be played underway.

Farley, although he can’t catch a ball, loves to try.

By standing in one hull and tossing him the ball, I can entertain him without the worry that he might go overboard.

He can run from one side of the Lagoon 380 S2 to the other.

Wheaten’s are jumpers and agile. He has no problem diving down the stairs and roaring back up again.

He gets to stretch his legs and have fun at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Dog Games Underway

  1. Tahoe’s a big tug of war guy, though I try not to indulge him too much since I don’t want to create more bad habits. He also loves a good stick! Montana, as everyone knows, only plays ball. 🙂


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