When writing tips drive you crazy . . .

#writetip Don’t panic!

At first I wondered how I would remember everything I was learning about writing. I kept notes. I recorded tips in spreadsheets. It was overwhelming.

Now that I’m working on my third novel, I find it easier to retain tips.

I think, once an author has a substantial amount (you can insert what you think is substantial) under their proverbial writing belt, it becomes easier to relate a tip to the actual writing.

Ask yourself if you follow the tip?

Ask yourself is the tip relevant to your writing?

Ask yourself does the tip come from a trustworthy source?

But don’t drive yourself crazy. Just write as best you can.


4 thoughts on “When writing tips drive you crazy . . .

  1. It takes me some time before I really understand a writing tip. That’s partially why I blog about them. It FORCES me to analyze what the tip really means, and it helps to make it “stick”

    Now, I read something I wrote a few months ago, and I attack it. “What was I thinking?”

    Now that I fully understand, all those little things are now BLARING back at me.


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