Getting The Most Out Of Your Readers

#writetip Here are some of things to think about when having others read your drafts.

What you give your reader might depend on where you are in the process.

Early on, say after the first draft but well before you send it to an agent/publisher, you might want to give your reader smaller sections. This can be several scenes or a chapter.The value: Your reader can give you quick feedback on style, grammar, problems with story line, vacant scene, etc. You can then use this information to update the next section before sending it to them. Each section should be better than the last making you create a strong second draft.

When you think you have something you might send to an agent/publisher, this is the time to have a new reader (not the same person that read your early draft) to read your novel cover to cover.

The value: Your reader can comment on larger story issues, flow, pacing, believability, loose ends, etc.

Finally, don’t forget the phase of having someone other than yourself proofread. Here is where you need someone with attention to detail.

This works for me and I’m sure there are many ways to get the same result. I just can’t imagine sending out a manuscript without the help of others.


6 thoughts on “Getting The Most Out Of Your Readers

  1. I do like to have other people look at my work a lot, I have a tendecy to miss small mistakes that we all know someone will find eventually. My wife usually proof reads it, but I think she is a lilttle prejudaced


  2. This is great advice. I had a recent beta that made NO ATTEMPT to correct their work before they sent me the next section. Same comments over and over. It was very frustrating. I always try to fix before sending the next section if I have done something wrong consistantly. Mostly, because I don’t want to look like an idiot. 🙂


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