Mystery Novel: Order of Clues

#writetip Are you writing a mystery novel and unsure of where to place your clues? Are you including red herrings in your novel? Me too.

One thing I learned working in the human resources field is that people tend to remember the last message you give them. So when I was giving feedback, I tried to end the meeting with a positive message, something the person could take away and be proud of.

I thought this could translate into writing a mystery novel. I give a “real” clue and follow it with a “false” clue. My hope is the reader will remember the second clue, forget the first clue but still have it in their mind, and not guess too early who the villain is.

What do you do?


4 thoughts on “Mystery Novel: Order of Clues

  1. I kind of work against the red herring. Obviously, I like what you do Kristina because you are so good at it. You know how to hook your readers and make them hold on tight to find out what happens.

    I like to create a tension where the reader doesn’t know if the killer will get away with it or not.

    Two different ways of creating tension/suspense. Maybe it would work to combine both techniques to amp up the tension.


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