Canadian versus American Spelling

#writetip There are too many ways to spell the same word and be correct. My goal is to spell consistently, thinking that should do the trick and I’ll end up with a professional manuscript.

Now I’m having my third novel, Burnt, proofread by two people. One is Canadian, the other American.  The American is circling words that are misspelled . . . but are they?

Let’s look at the word: travel

Say, one of my character takes a trip.

Canadian Spelling:    She TRAVELLED by car.

American Spelling:   She TRAVELED by car.

I’m Canadian and want to use Canadian spelling, but what happens if I get lucky and get published in both countries? Will one set of readers think I can’t spell?

Any opinions on this one?


3 thoughts on “Canadian versus American Spelling

  1. If you were published in English anywhere in the Commonwealth or Europe, readers would expect the Canadian (British) spelling.

    If you were published in the US, I wonder if you would have to switch from metric to the American measurement system?


  2. The sad comment is that many probably wouldn’t notice! My daughter and I were just talking about this (albeit British vs American and the words centre/center and theater/theatre). As a person who taught English in high school, I can say that I always noted when there was more than one acceptable spelling of a word, and words with the “l” t the end were commonly on that list. Basically we taught that either was acceptable so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Plus I like Jan’s comment. They don’t change British novels so why should you?


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