Dogs and Writing

#writetip  Did someone say writing was lonely? My advice, get a dog. Cali is visiting our boat, Mattina, for the day while her owners are off kiting. Cali has decided that she’s the one writing my novel.  The only problem, she has trouble articulating story ideas.

I’ve made the main salon my writing platform and like to take over the entire table. Well the dogs had a different idea. So where am I supposed to sit?

Who's writing this novel?Are two dog ideas better than one?

11 thoughts on “Dogs and Writing

  1. Chloe lays at my feet while I write. She can’t come up on the chair. She’s too big for the chair. She’s almost too big for my office.
    She’s taking her Canine Good Citizen test this week by the way, Send her good vibes!


  2. What fun, our dogs are such companions. My Yorkie will come over and “talk” to me (short growls) when I’m too long on the laptop. Then we race to the couch for some play time or go out for a walk.


  3. My dog Spike has his own chair–a really nice club chair in the corner of the study. He only bothers me when he has pushed his throw pillows on the floor and needs help getting them back. He’s old and I worry about him.


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