#writing I’ve submitted my third novel, BURNT,  to my agent, Margaret Hart, at HSW Literary Agency in Toronto. So it’s time to relax? Not quite. I’ve got to update my books pages on this blog, the Crime Writer’s of Canada web page, my agent’s web page, LinkedIn and on and on and on . . .

This is the third novel in my Kalin Thompson series. Here’s what it’s about:

Kalin Thompson’s life spirals out of control on her wedding day. Instead of exchanging vows with her fiancé, Ben Timlin, she finds herself trapped by a forest fire and is forced to deliver her best friend’s baby on the shore of a glacial lake high in the mountains of British Columbia.

While Kalin tries to keep her friend and the baby safe, Ben is hanging from the rafters of a burning building, fighting for his life.

Arson is declared the cause of the forest fire.

Arson ruins her wedding day.

Arson turns her new home and half of her beloved ski resort into ashes.

Finding the arsonist becomes her personal mission. Kalin, the director of security at Stone Mountain Resort, gets on the wrong side of small town corruption and uncovers more than just arson. There are those who will go to extreme measures to keep Kalin from exposing their secrets. Kalin will go to extreme measures to protect what is hers.


10 thoughts on “BURNT – A NOVEL

    1. Amanda,

      Ah, if only it were that easy. Now to find a publisher. My agent is working hard to find a publisher for me. Then we’ll see. . .

      The books are a series, but I think they can be read in any order. I’ll let you know if they get published.


  1. Such exciting news! Congratulations on this big step forward, and best wishes in your search for that elusive publisher. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you (when I’m not typing 😉 )

    ‘Burnt’ sounds like a great story, and I’m looking forward to reading it someday!


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