Snorkelling from a Cruising Catamaram

#sailing Oops. Dropped my snorkel.

The Aquarium is located in the Exuma island chain of the Bahamas and is a spectacular place to snorkel. It’s in a protected area, a land and sea park, making it a must see if you are cruising these islands.

This is a no take zone, meaning no spear fishing, lobster or conch hunting.  We had to dig into our freezer for dinner, but the snorkelling was worth it.


6 thoughts on “Snorkelling from a Cruising Catamaram

  1. Great shot of the snorkelling!
    It’s always nice to escape into your blog, especially as I face the prospect of yet another snowstorm up here in the Midwest US of A. 😀


  2. Patricia Sands just sent me to your site and we must touch base. We passed through the Bahamas in Dec/Jan for passages south. We love the Land and Sea park, especially Shroud Cay.


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