Writing or Laundry

Farley hinting it's time to do the laundry

#writing #sailing

Why is it that when something is hard to write, doing the laundry becomes imperative? Since I live on a sailboat, laundry can be an adventure on its own.

I can do the laundry by hand (not my favourite).

I can go to a laundry mat.

I can drop my laundry off at a laundry service.

The last two are harder than you might think. First the laundry has to be bagged and loaded into a dingy. Then I have to drive the dingy to shore (where I am currently anchored this is across a couple of miles of open water).

The next challenge is to carry the laundry across a dock and through town, avoiding the local dogs and fast moving cars that drive on the left side of the street.

Phew! Made it. The drop off is my favourite. Somehow it takes a long time to get the laundry done, but it certainly helps me procrastinate.


3 thoughts on “Writing or Laundry

  1. Laundry is one aspect of cruising I hadn’t considered. Sounds like a bit of trouble to get that done!
    I actually find laundry and writing a good combination. Changing out the loads every hour or so gives me a chance to stretch my legs and grab some refreshments.
    But then, my washer and dryer are only one floor below me in the basement. 😉


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