Translating a Novel


A friend of mine with a background in translation asked if she could translate my novel, Fracture Line, into German. I, of course, very quickly said yes.

It’s an interesting process to go through with a surprising benefit.

As she is translating, she it looking at every word. This means some great proofreading is being done. It also means she pushes me on word usage, questioning me on whether I’ve picked the best word or not.

My German isn’t bad, but it’s not great, and I must say it’s fun to read my novel in German. She’s sent me the first 10 chapters for review and I’m stretching my brain, trying to read in another language.

The process is improving my German, and we are having some fun discussions about when to use ‘Du’ and ‘Sie’, and how in the world do you translate bull wheel?

7 thoughts on “Translating a Novel

  1. Ach, wie toll! Es wäre hervorragend Ihr Buch auf Deutsch zu lesen. 😉

    But now the German keyboard is starting to drive me nuts. Anyway, great work on the translation! I hadn’t considered the unexpected benefits of looking over the writing at such a microscopic level.

    And…what is a ‘bull wheel’?


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