Romantic Thriller


How you see your work and how someone else sees your work can be quite a surprise.

Romantic Thriller? I thought I was writing a Suspense novel. Then, my agent commented that my second novel, The Final Gate, could be positioned as a Romantic Thriller if I added a little more romance.

Oh, Oh, I think. I like to read novels that are full of action, so that’s what I like to write. But Romance? Who knew?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been reading Romantic Thrillers to get a feel for the genre and discovered my novel is not that far off. But . . .

I spent three months on rewrites, that’s the fun part, and now I’m back to proofreading. I’ve just sent The Final Gate to my favourite readers for comments, so I’ll see how they like the new romantic version.

This is a change for me, and I’m nervous about the feedback.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see . .

Maybe my husband will send me flowers for all the hard work I’ve done – that’s kinda romantic.


8 thoughts on “Romantic Thriller

  1. Good luck with your Beta readers. I’m sure you’ll be surprised and pleased with their reaction. Romance isn’t all that hard to envision, just hard to make sure it flows with the action. Can’t wait to see the results.


  2. It’s funny how another set of eyes can spot something you might be too close to see!
    Good luck with the new direction, and I’m impressed that you have the fortitude to make the necessary changes in such a relatively short time.
    Yes, I think flowers would be the perfect touch. 🙂


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