Write From Experience


Do you have scenes in your novel that are beyond your experience?

If you do, why not try the things your characters are doing? Everywhere you look, someone writes about writing being lonely. Well, it doesn’t have to be. Writing can be your excuse to be adventurous.

In The Final Gate I have a scene where my main protagonist is in danger while snowshoeing in the mountains. Having spent many hours snowshoeing in steep, rugged terrain, I found it easier to describe than if I’d just read about it.

My husband gets to do all these things in the name of writing a good novel and is happy to pose for a photo.

3 thoughts on “Write From Experience

  1. Cool photo!
    Since I write sci-fi/fantasy, I can only dream of experiencing some of the things I write about. I try to make do by extrapolating on the experiences that I do have.
    If I’m writing a rocket ship escaping the Earth’s atmosphere, I imagine what the sky looked like the last time I flew to Seattle at night.
    If I’m writing another planet’s terraformed desert, I have to pretend and use a barren field and work from that.
    When I’m driving home from work in a snowstorm, I pretend that the wind blowing snow over the buildings is instead howling over a massive glacier at the polar ice cap, where I am trapped in a tiny hovercraft.
    Something like that … 😉

    I agree that having lots of experiences is a great starting point, but sometimes a writer might have to, let’s say, ‘enhance’ that experience somewhat! 🙂


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